One of my favorite movie scenes ever! Pat Garret & Billy the Kid

June 5th, 2008

The Clash – The Magnificent Seven – Sandinista

October 1st, 2006

Just want to see if I can link a youtube video into the blog. And why not The Clash on the Tom Snyder show circa 1981. “The Magnificent Seven” from Sandinista.


May 30th, 2006

Thanks to S. Davidson for sharing pictures of his 10 year old Basset and Chow Mix.

Another Bassett Hound / German Shepard mix!

December 13th, 2005

My friend Ray was reading this blog and say the entry for Duke. It seems Ray and his spouse have a Bassett Hound / German Shepard mix like duke. His name is ‘Munchkin’. The boxers name is ‘Sir Ramsey Jones G.’ Would be cool to see a picture of ‘Munchkin’ standing up! Thats when those Bassett Hound legs really stand out. Thx Ray.

ICBM Silo – Somewhere in Montana

August 25th, 2005

If you are driving in Montana and you are in the middle of nowhere and see a chain linked fence with barbed wire on the top surrounding a 1/2 acre piece of land you can be pretty sure it is an ICBM silo. Other give aways are the 12 foot white “pole” which I have read is for security. Also, they all have an electrical pole with two transformers on them. To learn more you can visit the Minuteman Missle National Historic Site in South Dakota or just go to their website.

Kings barbeque placemat (via cellphone camera)

July 30th, 2005

Kings barbeque placemat features a picture of their indoor wood fired pit. This picture was posted via the Google “” feature.


July 22nd, 2005

Haven’t had much to say lately. This is excellent time to post a memorial picture of my chocolate labrador retriever who was my constant companion from September 9 1988 till December 30 2002. – Japanese playing cards showcase

June 30th, 2005

I collect Menko cards from Japan.

Rain, Rain, Rain.

June 13th, 2005

With all the rain we have been getting even the creek behind my house has a Class II rapid. (This rapid is actually about 1.5 miles downstream from my house.


June 3rd, 2005

Duke, my friends half German Shephard and half Basset Hound. You just got to love Duke.